Welcome to Digital Posters@Scolars.com

Why Digital Posters

Digital Posters offer several advantages over the old paper poster format:
  • They are less expensive to display. Paper posters require a large viewing room at the conference site, at a cost of thousands per day. In addition all the poster boards must be rented, and transported to and from the site. Digital posters require only a large screen HDTV, which is much cheaper and smaller.
  • They are less expensive to produce. Printing a paper poster costs on average about $250. You can upload your digital poster for free.
  • They consume fewer resources. Paper posters are often discarded after a single day. Digital posters use only a small amount of energy. The environmental footprint is much smaller.
  • Digital posters offer greater visibility to the poster presenter. You are no longer off in some remote cavern, away from the main focus of the conference.
  • Digital Posters can be archived and retrieved on-line. Once a paper poster is taken down, it is lost to its intended audience.
  • You don’t have to transport them. If you have ever had to take a poster tube on a plane, you know it is not convenient. Air travel is bad enough already.
  • Digital posters don’t get lost. Many airlines do not allow poster tubes as carry-on baggage. They make you check them, and then sometimes they loose them.
  • Digital posters allow the use of video, which greatly increased the range and type of material that can be presented. Video is the best way to demonstrate a new technique, or to display time-sequence data, and is a great improvement over a static paper poster.
  • Digital posters can be found by a simple search. Finding a poster in a large hall can sometimes be difficult, but a digital poster is always a mouse click away.
  • Digital posters are easy to make. Creating a multi-column paper poster in Word, PowerPoint , or some other software is not an easy task for many people. It is difficult to get the text and images to line up correctly, and then get the whole thing to an imaging centre so that it can be printed. Creating a digital one is actually easier, as the tools you need are on the website. Many people tell us it is easier to make a digital poster than it is a paper one.

We are pleased to welcome you to our site, where you can create and manage your posters. Digital Posters are one of the newest trends for Science and Medical conferences, and we are pleased to be one of the leaders in this field.

What is a Digital Poster?

If you are new to this, and most people are, a digital poster looks much like a paper poster, except that it is displayed on-site on a large format HDTV. There is an on-screen menu system, so that users can search by author, title and subject.

In order to display the posters, and provide a reliable and consistent experience for the viewer, we need a standardized file format, so we ask the presenter to build their poster on our web site, using provided poster templates. That is what this web site is for.

If you are here to make a poster, please proceed to the login page.